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Estate Planning Lawyer in Austin, TX

Because arranging end-of-life plans is never easy, you need an estate attorney with experience and ability to help you navigate the process. Taking care of estate planning considerations are both a practical and considerate gesture to your family who remains. At the Harlow Law Firm, we offer the compassionate support and professional advice you need as you settle the delicate issue of your estate. So, if you are in need of an estate attorney, call us!

Comprehensive Estate Law Practice

Our estate planning lawyer in Austin, TX, is an experienced advocate who makes complicated estate law stress-free for our clients. By finalizing your estate plan now, you will leave behind the definitive account of your wishes for the equitable, smooth distribution of your estate among your beneficiaries. Schedule a consultation at our law office to discuss:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Conservatorship
  • Probate Services
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Advance Directive
  • Elder Law
  • Guardianship

Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer

Our law office works hard to ensure that your final wishes are honored. Our goal is to keep your assets in your family according to how you see fit. By working with our estate law practice, you will learn your range of options, set down your specific goals, and experience the peace of mind that comes from having an estate plan in effect.

Protect your family and the assets you’ve worked a lifetime to earn. Our services are custom-tailored to your unique needs and designed to keep you in control of your affairs.

Contact us today to consult with an experienced estate planning lawyer. We serve clients in Austin, TX.

Will and Trust Law in Austin, TX

Establish the orderly distribution of your assets after you die by hiring the Harlow Law Firm for trust planning in Austin, TX. Setting up an unquestionable trust is an excellent way to protect your property and other assets from whatever life throws your way. They help to shelter your money from income and estate taxes, allowing them to be used more effectively in the future for expenses such as education, medical bills, and charitable donations. Call today to find out exactly how a trust can work in your advantage.

Why Set Up A Trust?

Trusts are a legal construct that “holds” property and assets for the benefit of an individual or group of individuals. Our will and trust law practice makes sure that no single member of the trust can act with the money in such a way that negatively impacts other members of the trust. This makes them perfect for ensuring larger assets are evenly divided among children. Contact us today for help establishing trusts for the following assets:

  • Large Sums of Money
  • Land or Houses
  • Boats

Effective Trust Planning Services

Trusts offer you a variety of other advantages, such as keeping financial information off of the public record and setting money aside for children so that they cannot spend it too frivolously. Call us today to schedule an appointment so that we may go over your options together.

Contact us when you need help planning and drafting a trust. We are proud to help residents of Austin, TX.