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Too many social security disability claims in Austin, TX are denied every day. We are here to help you get the social security disability benefits you need and deserve.

You’ve Worked Hard To Earn SSDI, So We’ll Work Hard On Your Claim

If you have been paying into Social Security for years and have become disabled and unable to work before reaching the age of retirement, you have a right to access your benefits. Unfortunately, we see numerous legitimate social security disability (SSDI) claims receive a denial. Often, those denials have little to do with someone’s injuries and more to do with the complex technicalities of filing paperwork. That is where we can help. Not only will we prove you’ve met the requirements to access your SSDI benefits, but we will also walk you through all the legalities to submit or appeal your claim.
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Do I Qualify For SSDI Benefits?

The law is clear about who can access SSDI benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, to receive your earned SSDI benefits, you must prove:
  • You are an American citizen who qualifies for Social Security benefits
  • You have a serious medical condition
  • You cannot perform a job as a result of that medical condition
  • The medical condition will last, or has lasted, a minimum of a full calendar year
If you meet all of those requirements, you may qualify for SSDI benefits and can begin the application process.

How Do I Apply For SSDI Benefits?

The application process for SSDI is not easy. The Social Security Administration office is bureaucratic and requires an exhaustive level of detail in the application. This can be a stress-inducing process even for those familiar with the system. There are a lot of documents you will need to collect before you begin the application process, including the following:
  • All the forms from the Social Security Administration office, including the Social Security Statement
  • Birth certificate or other proof of birth and proof of US citizenship
  • Your W-2s or self-employment tax returns in the past year
  • Discharge papers if you are former military
  • Medical reports and records from your physicians
Once you have gathered those documents, you will begin filling out the report. It contains eleven different sections that require information ranging from your education and training to the medications you are taking to manage your condition. Then, you will have to go through a thorough consultative medical exam to confirm your claims. If there is any missing information or minor inconsistencies, your claim could be denied.
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What Happens If My Cedar Park, TX SSDI Claim Is Denied?

Receiving a denial for SSDI after going through the lengthy and stressful application process can be extremely disheartening. We understand that individuals applying for SSDI are facing financial strain as a result of their injuries, so a denial can have a seriously negative impact on their life. Luckily, there is hope for Austin, TX residents. Evan Harlow will work with you to appeal your denial and help fight for your rights to your earned benefits. He’ll review the denial, identify why your claim was denied, and put together an actionable strategy to appeal the denial.

Appealing Your SSDI Benefits Denial Requires Expertise

The SSDI appeals process is even more complex than the application process. You will have to submit your appeal to the denial within 60 days, which does not leave much time. Afterward, you may have to go through four different levels of appeal:
  • Reconsideration
  • Hearing by an administrative judge
  • Review by the appeals council
  • Federal Court Review
During this process, you will have to provide evidence and documentation for the appeal, and you may even have to attend in-person hearings. The experience can be stressful because those handling your appeal will question your claims and make you feel as though they are not taking your medical condition seriously. What’s more, the hearings can drag on, placing your financial security in jeopardy. Fortunately, you do not have to face the entire process alone.
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Working With A Cedar Park, TX SSDI Attorney

Evan Harlow is an experienced SSDI attorney in Cedar Park, TX. He understands the struggles in accessing your SSDI benefits and has helped many people like you obtain their benefits. He will help you pursue your claim whether you are just beginning your application or you are fighting your way through a lengthy appeal. He will also review your case to determine how you can achieve the maximum benefits.

When you work with a qualified social security benefits attorney like Evan Harlow, you can expect him to take on all the complicated paperwork and deal with the bureaucrats. That way, you can focus on healing and managing your life.

Helping Cedar Park, TX Residents Get SSDI

Working with an attorney makes the SSDI process easy for Austin, TX residents. Evan Harlow will:

  • Help you fill out and file your Social Security report form and other application paperwork
  • Assist in collecting medical records and documenting your disability
  • File an appeal with the social security office if you’ve already been denied and work to prove the legitimacy of your claim
  • Fight to ensure you get the maximum benefits available for your circumstances

Working with Evan Harlow will greatly improve your chances of getting your claim approved and getting the maximum payout. He knows all the evidence and documentation required to receive approval. He also understands the complexities of SSDI laws and how they apply to your unique claim. 


Get Started On Your SSDI Claim Today

SSDI is a lengthy process, so the sooner you begin your application the better. If you’re in Austin, TX, contact Evan Harlow today. He will walk you through how he can help you during the application process and answer any questions you may have about working with him and his team. He will take care of everything so you can prioritize getting your life back.

Get the SSDI legal help you need in Cedar Park, TX. Contact us today to get started on your claim.

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