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Probate Lawyer in Austin, TX

When you need a probate attorney for the settlement of your estate, call the Harlow Law Firm. Our probate law firm in Austin, TX, specializes in the administration of asset distribution. Whether or not there is a will, our law firm has the years of experience and the deep familiarity with probate law necessary to bring your case to successful resolution. From real estate probate to probate litigation in the courtroom, we apply our expertise to all cases in which clients seek an equitable estate settlement. As part of our usual probate duties, our services include:

  • Mediating Disputes over Assets between Beneficiaries
  • Validating the Will
  • Settling Outstanding Debts
  • Paying Taxes
  • Making an Inventory of Assets
  • Distributing Remaining Assets on Behalf of the Decedent
  • Preparing and Filing the Necessary Paperwork

Probate Administration for Your Estate Settlement

We understand that estate settlement can be a sensitive, emotionally charged process. Our mission is to bring your case to a successful close while minimizing the stress and burden on you and your family. However straightforward or convoluted your case may be, we provide compassionate and considerate probate administration.

Protect Your Interests by Trusting Our Law Firm

Our services are designed to streamline and facilitate probate administration. Estate settlement can become a contested process, but we ensure your peace of mind by working diligently to resolve all necessary matters.

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